Falling For You * New Chapter * Updated

Author: Ms Mystique / Posted: 21.06.19, 13:28:15

Hey my amazing readers, 

Got a very good news for you! 

So yeah, as the title indicates, Chapter seven " Still Glowing From Post Coitual Bliss" of my book "Falling For You" has been updated and I hope you will enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. 


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Aba Bonzewa 08.07.2019, 22:18:22

when is the next update

Aba Bonzewa 08.07.2019, 02:20:29

Love every bit of this book....

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Ms Mystique 08.07.2019, 07:24:49

Aba Bonzewa, Thank you so much dear, really means a lot.

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