Creating infallible characters

Author: Londa Cele / Posted: 04.07.19, 14:32:43

when creating  characters, one thing writers, both new and old need to keep in mind is whether the reader will get attached to them?


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Vijay Kerji 04.07.2019, 15:57:12

Writers should make the characters three dimensional by having a proper backstory and their objectives

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Londa Cele 05.08.2019, 17:07:57

Londa Cele, Ouch, my bruised ego aside what I meant was...a character can't be there for the sake of being a hindrance to the protag or making them fall in love or whatever. In my opinion, each character has to have their own little story in the same way a house has a father mother and kids. Everybody wakes up goes to school or work n meets up in the afternoon but they've lived different lives that compliment the life of that particular houses breadwinner, makes sense? I hope so?

Roza Csergo 04.07.2019, 17:53:24

Besides the obvious character development elements like flaws, graces, quirks or skills give the main characters a goal (something they want to get or to achieve), a problem (something that keeps them from reaching their goals) and a life lesson (something they learned as they were chasing after their goal).

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Roza Csergo 04.07.2019, 17:59:49

Roza Csergo, Infallible by definition means incapable of error (yeah, I googled it). If you make your character perfect then how would a flawed, imperfect, tried by life real person connect with them, feel their pain and sorrow? Is it wise?

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