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Author: AnnaRCase guru / Posted: 16.07.19, 03:35:11

Hello. I decided to post an old in process story of mine on here called The Witch Of Stonehill. I hadn't realized I began this novel two years ago and last touched it a year ago.  I decided to take a chance and see if would get any interest.  And it did, went to number 1 in fantasy on the first day so thanks bunches for that! It also inspired me to dust it off and I'm happy to say I wrote two new chapters today. Please be patient with me, as I also have interest in a novel I had put on hold because of too many other projects, but have since picked it back up when I got requests. So I'm currently trying to write five novels right now. Feel free to comment on which ones you think I should focus on an I'm open to your suggestions. Thanks! I will do my best to update them all at least once a week.


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Roza Csergo 16.07.2019, 10:25:34

The Witch of Stonehill is my favorite, but I like the others too.
This book has such a good premise, and there's conflict at every corner because of the main character.
But at the end of the day, you decide which story you wanna update, they are all your book-babies.
I wish you health and stamina to complete all your projects. And write many more.

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AnnaRCase guru 16.07.2019, 14:47:18

Thank you and same goes to you :)

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