Chapter 4 is Live, New Poll Choices for Chapter 5

Author: G. Carleton / Posted: 25.07.19, 03:10:30

Thank you to all the people who voted in last week's poll.

Writing the opening chapters to a story is always challenging, but I'm happy to have some direction from all of you. 


13 people voted in last week's poll, which is to be expected. I had heavily advertised the first poll on Reddit, but I cannot do that every week. That means that if you voted in the last poll, your vote had quite a lot of weight to it compared to the first poll.


The results of the 2nd poll are as follows.


1.) How should Alex respond to his predicament?

This was a very tight vote, with a margin of a single vote you all voted that he should "embrace his status as a monster" and "fight the authorities head-on".

Pretending to be a victim was the second most voted for outcome.


2.) Alex's initial goal

By a substantial margin, you all voted that "summoning his brother" was Alex's initial goal. Clearly, you all get the sense that Alex is pretty hopeless without his brother - and you'd be right about that, he is. We will see if this goal is realistic or not as the story progresses. 


As a side note, I can see if you vote in the poll more than one time and I DO delete duplicate votes. So be careful with those. :) Everyone gets a single vote, and a single vote only. 


Chapter 4 is now live, and the new poll is available here:


Two substantial chapters will follow this one. The first few chapters have been on the shorter end of things, but now that the main story is kicking off, there will be more developments between each poll. Because of this, future polls are likely to have more responses in them. So be prepared for that.


Thank you for reading.


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K.R Webber 25.07.2019, 12:16:16

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G. Carleton 25.07.2019, 03:13:02

Forgot to post the pdf of the results:

Thank You :)

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