Falling For The Bad Boy Superstar Chapter Sixty

Author: Lee Taylor (caramelcherries) / Posted: 25.07.19, 11:54:13

Have updated the next chapter. Enjoy xx


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Sarah Patrick 26.07.2019, 10:18:37

Please can you remove the age restriction,I've been reading the book only for me to see an age restriction.its not fair on my part please

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Lee Taylor (caramelcherries) 26.07.2019, 10:39:35

Sarah Patrick, done

K.R Webber 25.07.2019, 12:12:30

Hello. I have just started reading your books and they are already hooking me. I have followed you. Can you also follow me? This way both of us can have good results.

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K.R Webber 25.07.2019, 14:09:43

caramelcherries, follow me. I have also followed you

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