The Mystery of a Techie's Murder - Updated

Author: Vijay Kerji / Posted: 26.07.19, 10:44:21

Dear Reader and Authors,
I hope you all are looking forward to spending another good and entertaining weekend. It's time for me to notify all of you about the latest update of my Mystery novel - The Mystery of a Techie's Murder. In the last parts, Mayur and his colleagues interviewed all the suspects based at Hyderabad.

In these new parts, Mayur travels to Bangalore along with Aisha and attends the funeral. He also meets Priya's mother, Mrs. Sumitra Bedi and Priya's sister, Miss. Poonam and gathers new information. Does he draw any conclusion after meeting Priya's loved ones?

I am sure you will enjoy reading my works. Please like the stories if you found them interesting and don't forget to follow me to receive the new updates.

I wish you a happy and safe weekend ahead. Thanks for your support.


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K.R Webber 26.07.2019, 13:37:46

Hello friend. I am new here. Can you help me by telling me if it is good to publish a complete book or it is good to publish in parts?
I hope your books get views. An Indian writing anything other than romance is a good thing. ?

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K.R Webber 26.07.2019, 14:22:02

I am not looking to move to other sites. I just wanted to know what is the best way to publish books here.

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