Constance Marounta



Playing Adults

Constance Marounta

We never really stop acting like kids. Playing around. Especially when we hurt too much. 5 or more romantic plots in one book. 5 or more couples that must find their way to their happy ending. So will they?... more info

Story about: old love and new, character development, age gap romance drama

Ongoing: 15 Apr 140 pages
1866 112 3

Rating: 8

#464 in Romance
#277 in Billionaires


Empty Eyes (six Short Stories)

Constance Marounta

Six Short Stories about crimes connected to children and teenagers. Following the instructions on Booknet I cannot choose "mature content", so I warn you there might triggers in these stories. Read cautiously. ... more info

Story about: children, crime thriller, mystery thriller

Complete 9 pages
371 11 0

Rating: 7

#189 in Thrillers & Suspense
#37 in Crime fiction
#74 in Short stories


The Weird Girl And The Caring Boy

Constance Marounta

Cordelia is the school's weirdo that nobody seems to care about. What happens when Jamie is forced to care about the girl with the unusual name?... more info

Story about: humor romance and comedy, love and friendship, opposites attract

Ongoing: 15 Apr 60 pages
1666 108 12

Rating: 14

#632 in Romance
#41 in Young adult


Like You...

Constance Marounta

A year ago, young Emilia mysteriously disappeared for two months before she returned home in a bad shape. Her whereabouts were unknown but seemingly whatever it was that she went through is over. Or not?... more info

Story about: abuse, manipulation, romance mystery

Ongoing: 18 Apr 122 pages
3807 120 2

Rating: 16

#33 in Thrillers & Suspense
#15 in Suspense
#419 in Romance
#59 in Romantic suspense


The Pack Doctor

Constance Marounta

Max Kinsky is 18 training to succeed his father as the pack doctor. In contrast to his cousin and best friend,Patrick -the soon to be Alpha- he is no looking forward to a mate. Knowing his ageing process is slower and his life expectancy is much greater than that of normal humans he is not eager to ... more info

Story about: love, werewolf, soulmate

Ongoing: 15 Apr 223 pages
21036 554 113

Rating: 86

#29 in Fantasy
#182 in Romance
#7 in Paranormal Romance

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