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Only Human


Every person has a story, every person is going through something whether it be a loved one leaving or dying or even just they themselves feeling like dying. Here are small passages into the minds of others. Full of thoughts and feeling. On the out side we can smile and hide our pain but on the insi... more info

Story about: life, thoughts and feelings, life and love

Ongoing: 19 Sep 19 pages
147 7

Rating: 4

#134 in Young adult
#113 in Others


Falling in Love


"Love... a four letter word, it's so small but yet is holds so much in it." Ryan Nelson, a boy pulled in so many different directions that he has lost his way in life and is beginning to lose his will to live. Neal Ross, a boy who found his red string of fate but didn't know if he should follow ... more info

Story about: romance, boyxboy, highschool romance

Ongoing: 06 Sep 540 pages
8060 426

Rating: 34

#736 in Romance
#14 in LGBT

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