Contract Marriage 2

Author: Ashleh Queen / Posted: 18.10.19, 14:19:20

Hello, my lovely readers, 

This is to inform you that the second part of Contract Marriage is out. You can find it on my profile. I noticed that almost 585 people were following me but only 476 has the New part in their library. 

So, it is to inform all of the other people that the book has been updated. 

I have updated the latest chapter almost 12 hours ago but a lot of you were not notified. Maybe the word count was not up to mark or something. 

And just know that I am always indebted to you for your constant support though I don't update much often. But just know that I will complete these two works. And will try to do this by the end of this year at least. Ahm, you know me. 

I don't have any other story plan after I finish these two but next time I mean whatever my third story will be I will try to finish the story first so you people don't have to pass from the agonizing wait and get updates daily or after every two days. It seems, fun when I think about it. 

Lots of love. I hope you get successful with all the things going on in your life. 

Stay happy,


and loved 

with your loved ones 



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Ifeoma Nwankwo 10.08.2020, 13:13:48

Pls can u update contract marriage 2 in webnovel I rili love this novel

Miranda Syiemlieh 09.08.2020, 10:30:18

Love the novel

Ellen Majid 02.08.2020, 00:48:58

Helo author..where i can read the chapter 11 of contract marriage 2.i like this book author.looking forward for more books of yours...

Hollory Hayikeh Hagimoh Yungestmama 01.08.2020, 07:16:23

Thanks for the update
Buh please can you kindly try to update it in other of your site like dreame
I read the book one in dreame and it easy for me to follow up form dreame as well
I will love it and appreciate it if you can do that
Thanks for your writing so far....expecting more soon

Vintage 21.07.2020, 00:15:08

I have been following your books for a while and they are pretty good.
Hi dear. Please make out time to check on my books
I promise... You won't regret it follow me and like my book... Feel free to comment on it as well,hope you enjoy the story as i keep posting updates. Thanks❤, would really appreciate it if you do

Sade Oliver 20.07.2020, 21:53:46

this book is making me mad i cant wait to read further but i dont have money to buy the book i wish i could read it finish but i cant

Inskie Vergara 18.07.2020, 02:44:08

Can I read this contract marriage free pls...

fid 24.05.2020, 20:51:54

I can't seem to purchase the book.. is there any other way? I already click the purchase button and proceed with my pymnt detail

Komal Rastogi 04.05.2020, 11:38:12

Where I can get the contract marriage 2 complete book for free? Please I am dying to read the book

Jennifer Draghoender 11.01.2020, 20:16:18

Serious how can you punish us like this. We need the the please

Pallavi Vanam 01.12.2019, 09:46:57

How do I buy this book since u mentioned its gor sale. Thank you.

Minakshi Agrawal 30.11.2019, 10:41:49


Teibi Kiapene 23.11.2019, 18:42:23

U are a fantastic,amazing,incredible and lovely writer ever,seriously where have u being all this while.I love ur stories?

Elizabeth Lalman 13.11.2019, 16:00:30

Very interesting reading

Mere Vereubia 31.10.2019, 21:58:31

Hi I really love this great book.very interesting to read

Rossini Cumba 31.10.2019, 03:40:11


Tahira Yasmin 22.10.2019, 19:07:27

Good to hear thanks

Radika Seenauth 22.10.2019, 01:50:31

When is the next update?

amos doris 20.10.2019, 22:21:14

Thnks,try and update soon

Lea Delantar Beleta 20.10.2019, 03:35:57

Love the story but when are yougoing to update it...

Luvcha O Love 18.10.2019, 23:58:25

Nice one dear.. but the time of update is too long almost a week

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Luvcha O Love 19.10.2019, 23:11:51

Ashleh Queen, thanks boo

Riekedyah W 19.10.2019, 07:27:01

love the way you write..and love this story much..

The last comment in the thread:

Ashleh Queen 19.10.2019, 08:53:33

Riekedyah W, And I just love you for your constant support,

Samar Sam 19.10.2019, 06:57:50

Wow thanks alottttt

The last comment in the thread:

Ashleh Queen 19.10.2019, 08:53:17

Samar Sam, You are always welcome,

Macrin Andrea Pascua Cosmiano 19.10.2019, 06:40:54

Wow.. Thank you so much. ❤️
We love your story. Don’t be so mean to Jane and Sydney???

The last comment in the thread:

Ashleh Queen 19.10.2019, 08:53:07

Macrin Andrea Pascua Cosmiano, I will try not to be mean to Jane but can't promise the same case for Sydney as the story has to go I had plotted earlier. And it is a little cruel.

Joy John 18.10.2019, 21:07:08

Good evening, I have not seen any notification yet like. Just one chapter

Tahira Yasmin 18.10.2019, 21:02:06

Thanks for update.

Shiza Naeem 18.10.2019, 16:27:18

I will read till u complete this one cause when I start reading and u stop updating ..loses my interest

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Shiza Naeem 18.10.2019, 20:34:39

Thank u soo much❤️❤️❤️❤️

Savi Amrat 18.10.2019, 20:09:21


Jenifer Cabalona 18.10.2019, 18:23:32

Thank you Ashleh for the update. Have a nice day! ?❤

The last comment in the thread:

Ashleh Queen 18.10.2019, 20:01:20

Jenifer Cabalona, You are most welcome, love.

Gemma Pelonio 18.10.2019, 15:22:07

Updates as often as you can please

The last comment in the thread:

Ashleh Queen 18.10.2019, 17:59:08

Gemma Pelonio, ook,

Ayman Nade 18.10.2019, 15:38:26

Please update as often as u can. I love ur writing.

The last comment in the thread:

Ashleh Queen 18.10.2019, 17:58:56

Ayman Nade, I will try my best.

Lita Alcantara Canendo 18.10.2019, 15:42:15

Thank you happy for the update

The last comment in the thread:

Ashleh Queen 18.10.2019, 17:58:22

Lita Alcantara Canendo, You are so welcome,

Lusani Mudau Siruba 18.10.2019, 16:00:38

Thank your work???

The last comment in the thread:

Ashleh Queen 18.10.2019, 17:57:53

Lusani Mudau Siruba, Thank you so much

Glenny Alvarez 18.10.2019, 14:48:44

I'm reading it. Can't wait for many updates or a marathon.

Akins Ayomi 18.10.2019, 14:25:59

Thank you dear
Stay blessed too

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