Contract Marriage 2

Author: Ashleh Queen guru / Posted: 08.12.19, 19:53:42

Hello, lovelies, 
This is to inform you all that my book Contract Marriage 2 has been launched on the website/App named Litnet. The price is set to be $2.99. 
Looking for your support. 
And, all the people who are not buying and in love with Contract Marriage 2 please stay tuned to any of my social media, Wwattpad, Inkitt or here on Litnet for the big news on 10th December 2019. 
Stay blessed, happy and safe with your loved ones. And stay in touch for the news on 10th December so you do not miss out. 


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Jefferson Breis 14.01.2021, 16:19:32

I love this novel.i hope this is free.

Bella Elliott 28.11.2020, 14:18:48

I'm waiting patiently. Thank you so much you have become my fav after kittykash I mean both you are so amazing.

Grace Grai Rai 28.11.2020, 13:13:36

I hope ur novel will be free soon..i love this novel

Khloe Betty 05.10.2020, 13:15:50

Why de sudden change of reading....pls do something I really love the book.

Samantha Nomfusi Masiza 20.08.2020, 19:16:51

please tell me how to purchase this book

Adelin Kenny 13.01.2020, 12:19:55

Too bad for me. I really wish I could have completed the novel but no fund for it. Congrats anyway loved it.?

ngozi akuma 20.12.2019, 06:53:52

I so much love this book, but the payment options is not applicable in my country. Really frustrating.

Tamara Rollins-Johnson 15.12.2019, 00:33:39

This book is very interesting but I have no finance

Elizabeth Messan 14.12.2019, 22:16:11

The book is been intriguing so far, but I have no money to pay for the subscription

Josephine Tirso Solivio 12.12.2019, 05:57:53

Congrats, the story is very nice but I have no money to pay the subscription, good luck and thanks.

Biya Iqbal 11.12.2019, 02:06:14

I loved the book.
Strong story and now i have to buy? Sad for me.

Irene 10.12.2019, 21:16:20

Thank you, so is it complete?

vaishali mojidra 10.12.2019, 19:06:35

We really liked.. But..

mrs Khurram 10.12.2019, 11:21:51

In the middle of the story. It is dissappointed
But i wish u good luck for ur future.. U r a good writer.. Stay bless

mrs Khurram 10.12.2019, 11:20:24

I am in love with ur novel contract marriage 2 but this new change in the middle of the story is some how dissappointed.

Maryjane Garcia Chicote 10.12.2019, 02:02:45

I am a follower of yours. I red shattered n contract marriage. I love the train of your stories. But sad to say I have no money to buy your books...good luck on your writings

Leah Motaung 10.12.2019, 00:58:51

Congrats Ash, pity I'm unable to purchase the rest of the book. Please consider other options. I enjoyed marriage contract 2 but had no guts to finish the first one.

Krissteen Paul 09.12.2019, 20:46:33

But next time you should have your readers interest in mind. Some of us have been waiting patiently for an update like forever.
The mode of payment is not available in all countries ,which leaves us with no other option rather than giving up on this story.

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Jennifer Boateng 09.12.2019, 22:55:34


Rona Galeon 09.12.2019, 16:26:48

Am sorry,not enough money to buy huhuhu

ruqaiyah Illahibaccus 09.12.2019, 15:19:45

What's your name on wattpad

Mariel Flores 09.12.2019, 15:13:16

I love this story

ruqaiyah Illahibaccus 09.12.2019, 14:50:56

I want to read it but can't buy it
Because my parents will never allow me to buy any book online
And congracts by the way

Donette Hemerding 09.12.2019, 14:41:48

Congrats hon but i wish u at least could have taken all your readers into consideration. At least let us who does not have the required payment methods how can we pay by methods available in our countries.

Mere Vereubia 09.12.2019, 12:39:28

Comment has been deleted

Aurora Baldueza 09.12.2019, 10:43:58


Pooja Chopra 09.12.2019, 09:34:32


Ana 09.12.2019, 06:48:46

Wow! Congratulations dear u really deserve it ..

Lita Alcantara Canendo 09.12.2019, 03:49:12

Congrats ...

Benedicta Emefa Amedeka 08.12.2019, 23:43:52


Vanessa Soyier 08.12.2019, 23:35:47

Congratulations you deserved it!!!

Ri heb 08.12.2019, 23:30:44

???? I can't buy it , and i was waiting forever for it why

ITOHAN LAWRENCE 08.12.2019, 21:20:44


Prisca Spanneberg 08.12.2019, 20:14:58

Thank you Ashley.

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