Love Hate Relationship 2 (give away post winners)

Author: Goodness Shadrach / Posted: 29.01.20, 13:09:11

Thank you all so much for commenting on my previous post, I truly appreciate your kind words about my book but unfortunately I can't choose all of you. So here is the list of the winners who would be given a promo code to access the book "Love Hate Relationship 2"

Please rest assured that choosing these users doesn't mean I value them more. You are all my readers and I love you all so much ❤

Shiza Naeem


Ebere Ngozi Stephanie

Kaarin Lou Almario (a birthday gift from me to you : ) happy birthday)

Bang Chae Ha

Thank you all so much for you love on my book ❤


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Victoria Ime 24.11.2020, 03:32:16

Please I really need to read this today is my birthday, and I want to use my birthday money to buy the book

Victoria Ime 24.11.2020, 03:30:37

I don't have any ussd how will I pay

Victoria Ime 23.11.2020, 14:55:44

Please how can I buy the book

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Goodness Shadrach 24.11.2020, 01:01:09

Victoria Ime, It costs 3:59 and on the books page you will see buy at 3:59 USD

Emma Abuchi 18.11.2020, 14:30:19

Where is d story
Can't find it

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Emma Abuchi 20.11.2020, 16:26:38

Goodness Shadrach, pls dear
it requires payment but how do I pay for it when I don't hv any ussd

Adedeji Olubukola Keke 14.11.2020, 11:17:58

Happy birthday to you

Joyce Brantuo 27.10.2020, 19:25:05

so can i get my pass code please

Joyce Brantuo 27.10.2020, 19:24:07

l love the story so much and want to read to the end

jasmin parreno 21.08.2020, 16:57:18

I love the story! It's gives the motivation to read more and enjoy the roller coaster relationship

Izzy 13.06.2020, 00:55:53

I didn't get my promo

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Goodness Shadrach 13.06.2020, 02:04:34

Not your own Izzy dear because you didn't comment at the giveaway post at that time.

Bang Chae Ha 01.02.2020, 15:34:44

I found it..thank you so much :-) :-)

Bang Chae Ha 01.02.2020, 15:25:25

How can I get my code plss.. I didn't saw it when I checked in my profile..I am super excited to read more plsss :-)

Bang Chae Ha 01.02.2020, 15:20:07

Oh!my :-0 thank you so much :-) :-) :-) I am so overwhelmed..I am so grateful... thank you..

Agunsoye Keren 31.01.2020, 11:30:35

You didn't give me ? ?????

Enoch Lois 31.01.2020, 10:19:32

Awwnnn I can't stop crying

adepeju-a o-israel 30.01.2020, 19:06:38

Hmmm, so am not chosen. Well that won't stop me from reading your books. I always enjoy them. Looking forward to reading the bride for rent.
Thanks Goodness. Keep it up.?

Kaarin Lou Almario 30.01.2020, 08:33:10

I'm so happy .thank you so much

Shiza Naeem 29.01.2020, 21:46:00

Hey I don’t get the promo code I not the lucky one??????

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Shiza Naeem 30.01.2020, 07:36:57

Comment has been deleted

daisy ahmed 29.01.2020, 20:25:39

please update bride for rent

Neema Martin 29.01.2020, 19:20:14

Hello.. ooh i wish i could continue reading your lovely book but unfortunately i can’t since i dont know how to pay for it so that i can read, and also my card has no access on online paying..??

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Goodness Shadrach 29.01.2020, 20:10:45

Please write to Litnet Support, they will help you : )

Shiza Naeem 29.01.2020, 16:19:22

I love u soooo sooo much❤️❤️???

sadaf 29.01.2020, 13:42:34

Oh my my my!!!!
Thankyou thankyou thankyou thankyou so much

Izzy 29.01.2020, 13:18:45

Thank you sooo much goodness!!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! I’m so excited!

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