Hey guys?

Author: Mahnoor Khan / Posted: 22.03.20, 14:08:32

Hello everyone? 

            I'm having a kind of writing block these day and due to the things going on these days has everone tensed. So let's talk? Intriduce yourselves.I'll start 

I'm Mahnoor , m 17 , i live in Pakistan and m in a medical school. What about you?


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S. N. Nina Arthur 23.03.2020, 12:03:37

Hello Mahnoor, I feel sorry to hear about the writer's block. I know it's very frustrating. BTW I'm Nina Arthur, I'm in my twenties and a newbie writer. Nice to meet you dear❤

Celeste I. 22.03.2020, 22:50:15

Hello there, sorry about the writer's block. I know that feeling, especially with things getting in the way in your life, and it sucks sometimes.

I'm Celeste, I'm in my twenties, full-time, self-employed writer/author. I've been writing for about... three and a half years, I think? I live in the US and have support from my family and friends. I specialize in writing fantasy, adventure, mystery, and drama~

Nice to meet you!

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Celeste I. 23.03.2020, 02:44:11

Mahnoor Khan, Oh, I see. Sorry, I didn't understand what you meant.

Ruechari 22.03.2020, 14:58:40

Hello Mahnoor, Sorry to hear about the writer's block. I know how frustrating that can be. You know me... Ruechari, I'm 44 and live in the US, besides writing, I homeschool my sons and help with my husband's business. How long have you been writing?

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Ruechari 22.03.2020, 23:24:25

Mahnoor Khan, You're welcome. It was nice to get to know you a little better. : )

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