Rohita - a Love Story [ Chapter 22 ] Added

Author: Vijay Kerji / Posted: 23.03.20, 10:17:37

My Dear Readers/Writers,

We are all in a bad state of the situation because of the pandemic, which is creating havoc around the world. I hope most of you are staying at home, keeping a social distance. I only wish that this will get over, and we overcome the challenge that is in front of us.

At this time of crisis, nothing like a good book to beat the stress and move on. I hereby would like to inform you that my romance novel - Rohita - A Love Story has been updated with the new chapter. Similar to our challenges, Milind (the story protagonist) also trying to overcome the challenge he has been confronting with. Will he overcome and emerge victoriously? What about Rohita? Will she foresee a happy life with her friend Ravi? To answer all these questions, read on...


I Wish You All a Happy Reading,



Vijay Kerji


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