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Hey gang. Thanks for the support. I want to thank each and everyone of you. I will post one more chapter of The Hostage on Saturday. It will be the last free chapter of this book. Tales From The Cobra Club will remain free. I highly encourage you all to read it. It goes along with The Arrangement Series. For those of you who have read yesterday's update, you will know what I am talking about. So far all three stories, at least the ending parts will all come into play in The Arrangement series at some point.Thanks again:)




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Jennifer 23.05.2020, 22:25:08

Eek! The suspense is killing me! Love this book!

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AnnaRCase 23.05.2020, 23:34:05

Thanks. The suspense kinda kills me too because I don't plan out my books really Haha:)

AnnaRCase 21.05.2020, 18:15:05

Amberleigh is really glowing now huh? Is it just her pregnancy or does that tall, dark, and handsome man standing next to her have something to do with it;)

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AnnaRCase 21.05.2020, 22:07:00

Ha and it was actually a result of photo cropping:) But I just left it and not changed the colors.

Juliet Nely 21.05.2020, 21:54:19 Amber/Leo- sweet.
Feeling sad all over...I'll miss the hostage story. Big time!
Please hasn't Booknet found a way to accepting our payments?
Whichever way it goes, I thank you Anna. For sharing this beautiful part of you with us. You make this app worth it. Love you!

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AnnaRCase 21.05.2020, 22:06:01

Thanks so much Juliet. That means a lot to me. I'm not sure where you are from, I've never had problems buying books on Booknet. I use the PayPal as a guest and have never made a PayPal account. But I hear some countries have issues with it. My advice would be reach out to Booknet support.

elizabeth 21.05.2020, 19:41:06

Awwww I looovveee the image mwaah

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AnnaRCase 21.05.2020, 19:50:21

Thanks me too :)

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