Hidden in the Shadows: Book Two Update

Author: Olivia Gordon Reid / Posted: 22.05.20, 23:02:05

Hey guys! Olivia here. I hope you're all staying safe. I have a few announcements!

Hidden in the Shadows: Book Two has been updated. That's right! Chapter Eleven is out! As much as I would love to keep posting, I went back to the document I wrote it on and saw that there were, ahem, shall we say mistakes? The state that it's in right now isn't something I want to put on here. So I'm going to edit and post the new and improved version sometime. Sometime soon. I promise. 


Chapter three of The Unnaturals is coming! Don't fret! I am writing it right now and it will be done soon! It will be continued! And let me tell you, it's going to get real exciting real soon!

The Heirs of the Ancients is coming! Soon! I have no idea when but it's on its way! No spoilers, but I will say it'll be an exciting ride!

Thanks for your patience! 

Anyway, that is all. Thank you to everyone who liked, followed, commented, saved, checked me out...it really means a lot. 

I love you all! Stay safe!




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