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Author: Deanna Lorraine / Posted: 23.05.20, 09:51:03

When I first wrote Tears For August, I named the main protagonist as Ashley Whitlock. However, right after I finished the 3rd chapter of the book, I have decided to name her Agnes Welsh instead.  

Agnes Welsh was a teenage American girl who was diagnosed with Bipolar disorder at the age of 13. She was born and raised at the town of Theramorie (fictional town) and later moved with her family at the town of Fitzgerald (also fictional town) when she was only 16. She later met a guy named August Young, an Italian-American teenager whom she fell in love with. 

She was born at 17th of December, 2000 as the second child of Leila Lynette-Welsh and Alexander Welsh. Agnes also has an older brother named Liam. She also have a grandmother named Lethysia Welsh.  


In her childhood, Agnes was described as bubbly and optimistic. Agnes would always participate on their school activities and summer activites, so on, at her 6th birthday, Lethysia had gifted her a book, making her fall in love with it.  Agnes used to be the perfect daughter before and that was another reason why Liam envy him so much. 


At the age of 13, Agnes had found herself "growing colder" for unknown reasons. She stopped readings books, she stop participating activities and prevents herself from doing what she normally enjoy. Agnes grandfather died leaving Lethysia suffer in grief until Agnes had decided to go at her house to spend time with her. The longer she stayed there, the deeper their connection got. She eventually  told Lethysia what she really felt leading it to her grandmother's death. 

Agnes was later blamed by Leila and Alexander for the death of Lethysia and started treating her coldy. Agnes eventually became suicidal leading her to her Bipolar Disorder. 

At the age of 15, she got influenced by one of her friends into drinking leading her to substance abuse later on and was later on figured out by Liam. In the end, Liam had ratted her out to their parents, leading them to treat her even colder. Starting from that, Agnes would often leave there house and go somewhere far where nobody would find her until at the very moment whe she had decided to take her own life. She ended up failing. 2 months later, she started reaching out to her childhood friend, Ethan.  

I really wish I could give more info about it, but the next one wasn't published yet. 


Agnes was brunnette. She would often wear her hair down and stick to her natural waves. Agnes inherited her Hazel eyes from her father since her mother had green eyes and Agnes was pale. She was also thin due to her alcohol abuse. Her sense of style was minimal but she often wear dark colors and her denim jacket. 

Significant others: 

The only significant other that I could only reveal for now is August. 



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