Bride for rent and Lhr 2 giveaway post

Author: Goodness Shadrach / Posted: 06.06.20, 17:56:33

Hi lovelies!

Damn, it's been so long I wrote a blog and it feels really new now, haha.

Anyway, this blog post is for Bride for Rent and Love Hate Relationship 2.

Sweethearts, I am doing a giveaway for the both books. So if you are interested, make a comment.

I will chose four persons randomly who would be given promo codes to access my book Bride for Rent for free.

If you want a code for Bride for Rent, please indicate in your comment.

Tomorrow, I will make another blog post with the name of the winners, then I will send the codes to them.

Again, I want to chose one person to be given a promo code for Love Hate Relationship 2, only one person.

If you want a code for LHR 2, please indicate in your comment.


Thank you all so much for your follows, likes and comments.

I can't thank you all enough :)

Enjoy your day darlings and please, stay safe!


Goodness Shadrach ❤


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Inday Rojas
21.04.2021, 09:22:05

How can i purchace bride for rent in phillipines currency.

Goodness Shadrach
21.04.2021, 09:22:05

Inday Rojas, Just make the payment dear, the money automatically converts online :)

Chioma Ikebude
08.06.2020, 19:10:00

Please I need the code for hate relationship 2 my namesake

Princewill POP
08.06.2020, 13:11:52

Hi Goodness, my first book was love hate relationship, I was so sad that I could not complete it. I have read almost all your books and am even following you so I would love for u to pick me for love hate relationship. It will be an honour. I am really not trying to sweet talk you. I even cried because of that storybook. Since I was young, I always liked reading books and if I don't finish it I will look for anyway possible to get it. Now that I have the opportunity I don't want to miss it. I even introduced my sister to read love and hate relationship, but little did I know that part two will have to be paid for. I would really be happy to get access to the LHR 2. Thanks in advance. (Your biggest fan).

Princewill POP
08.06.2020, 13:07:01

Hi Goodness, I am really happy about this give away. I don't have any access to any book that I have to pay for. So I would love to have bride for rent. I would be really grateful if u would choose me to be a winner. I promise to like all your books and do anything you say. I am seriously so desperate, because I have never been picked for a giveaway. Thanks in advance.

Bang Chae Ha
08.06.2020, 08:47:46

Wooooaaa! I just missed you Goodness:-) :-) I've been wandering of how busy you are since you are a little inactive lately.. I've been checking your profile every now and then to know if you have newblig or something because like what I've said in my previous comments, I am a fan of your great stories and I love to have a chance to read your BRIDE FOR RENT book since I think thats the only book I didn't read yet :-) :-) more books coming up pls :-) your the best :-)

John Peace
08.06.2020, 02:55:47

Awwww I do not no about book net before there was a day I was in ebony story reading and the picture or back cover of Love and Hate appeared I click on it and start reading the story I was so captivated that I do not bother eating that night I read and finish reading the whole story that day and proceeded to the next part which I later realized it was not free. I would have borrow to pay and complete the reading but there is no was I could pay cuz I was not having the requirements to purchase it. I felt sad and has been hoping that maybe an opportunity will be given to me to read the book to the end pls I will be glad if u can gibe me the code for LHR. And I love to read bride for rent too but since it's on sale I do not bother reading cuz I don't have what it takes to purchase it thanks.???

Ann Ani
08.06.2020, 00:33:52

Oh wow ??? am showing interest l really hope on getting the code for love hate relationship.meanwhile all your book that I have read is Soo interesting ,keep it up ??????

Amuka-pemu Laju
08.06.2020, 00:05:02

OMG☺️ I'm so excited
I've interest in bride for rent pls

Blessed Udoh
07.06.2020, 23:23:37

I am indicating interest in Bride for Rent

Megha Kadam
07.06.2020, 14:54:39

Ohhh yeah really?? I'm so much excited for this ....
Your Book contact marriage is the first book which made me fall in love with ur story and this app.... Love hate relationship was another followed by me... Hope I get the code... eagerly waiting for their happy ending... I love your work a lottttt.... Secret: the country romance, Tame the beast, White waters made me so emotional special thanks for these books ❤️ keep doing the same... All love for you ❤️❤️❤️

Megha Kadam
07.06.2020, 14:54:39

I'm extremely sorry for that...

Shaibu Bolanle
07.06.2020, 17:20:20

You're such an amazing writer and you're such generous person go for gold the sky is not even ur limit,pls kindly give me the code love hate 2( LH2) I will be very grateful.may God bless you.

army x Bts
07.06.2020, 16:54:55

First of all when I read your book and it was first book I read in this app so it was more meaningful and the book you wrote I really loved it and it was so much interesting. I hope in future we will be able to witness more beautiful works by you. So keep it up???
I want code for LHR 2.

Averyn Dev
07.06.2020, 15:45:24

Ooooohh!!! So excited. I really like all of the books you have written. You really do have talent! I really hope i get the code for Love hate relationship 2. Keep writing more books. Thank you and love you ;)

tetsoma ogbemi
07.06.2020, 13:05:54

??yes! Thank you soo much, I hope I be among the lucky ones for the promo code for LHR2 I soo want to read it.
Would really love to see out they both ended.

Bisi Sabur
07.06.2020, 12:37:59

Thanks for doing this give away I really want to read love hate relationship 2 I will really be happy if I could be among the winner

Zenze Oyiborode
07.06.2020, 08:42:06

Hey author plzzzzzz I also want to be a candidate for the promo card giveaway for bride for rent

Naomi Ehiome
07.06.2020, 03:39:29

Thanks for the great opportunity I would love to read LHR 2 I sincerely enjoyed book1 and for financial reasons I couldn't get book2 and I'd really love to read it God bless you keep up the good work

Ajoke Makanjuola Nada
07.06.2020, 01:56:09

Please I want a Promo codes for love Hate Relationship 2 please love

Cinthya Rivera
07.06.2020, 01:35:22

I want to a promo code for bride of rent please

remmy adeyinka
07.06.2020, 01:28:25

Help a sister for the code LHR 2

remmy adeyinka
07.06.2020, 01:27:06

I want promo code for love and hate relationship 2 please I am on my kneel begging. Love the story so much ?????????????

Rakel Malik
07.06.2020, 00:08:59

Hei Shadrach
I'm kindly requesting to be the winner so I can access love and hate relationship 2?? please I'm begging... I'd so much love to buy it but I'm having financial problems right now.
I'd be so happy if given an opportunity to access it
Thank you

Tumininu Tumininu
06.06.2020, 23:45:07

Comment has been deleted

06.06.2020, 23:24:52

Hi, I really want to read your book LHR2 as I'm literally on a cliffhanger and I'm obsessed. I contacted you on IG for an Amazon link because my card declines international payments and I'm avidly waiting for a chance to read your book. I'd really appreciate it if I win this contest. Sending you positive vibes and looking forward to reading more of your books.

Good luck to everyone else participating.

Sristy Sahithi
06.06.2020, 22:18:11

I have read all your stories except these paid ones I love to read LHR2 eagerly waiting to complete the book

Angel Eze
06.06.2020, 22:16:15

Please ? ? pick me for LHR 2 I have been dying?? to read it but no fund. Thanks ? in advance.

Geeta Suryawanshi
06.06.2020, 21:45:03

Hii goodness.
I am really became a fan of ur writing u re such an amazing author. I love to read all ur books and I WISH I will get the promo code so that I could complete LHR 2 as I m desperate to know the ending of LHR 2. Thank you

Jesse ne
06.06.2020, 21:28:07

Wow I wish i get the promo code I love LHR and would really like to know the ending. I like all your stories they are all good and wish you all best in your future works

06.06.2020, 21:08:47

Hi Goodness
I do love your creativity and the way you stories flows. I love the way am addicted to them. If I can get the honor of getting the code for BRIDE FOR RENT it will be a birthday gift for me dear. Thanks.

Oluchi Umeh-Azodo
06.06.2020, 20:30:14

Hi Goodness
Just like your name I really do hope you choose me, I have read love and hate relationship it just bride for rent I really do want to read. Thanks for your books they are amazing and interesting. Keep the spirit.

Angela Omozojie (Sky Angel)
06.06.2020, 20:07:08

Hi goodness. I'm a Nigerian who's in love with LHR. I actually even decided to join this app after I found the book here which of course made me to start my own story here. I follow you and like your books also. I would really love to know the ending of LHR so please choose me for the promo. Please don't let this pass me by.
Also, I would love it if my favourite author, which is you, check out my book and give an honest criticism on my book. Thank you

Kajal Kaurase
06.06.2020, 19:36:02

I really want promo code of LHR 2....I was waiting for too log to read that...but I cant buy it

Ewoma Inonoje
06.06.2020, 19:34:24

I love your book bride for rent and I will be forever grateful if I can get promo code to complete the story

Shaheen Sayed
06.06.2020, 18:30:47

Hi Goodness, how are you, I love all your work, but my personal favourites are Love hate relationship, white waters and first love, I really want to know the complete love story of Sasha and Michael, I really want the promo code of LHR 2 pretty please..♥️

06.06.2020, 18:22:57

Hey goodness, hope u remember me

Rahnuma Islam
06.06.2020, 18:03:06

Hello goodness... How have you been? I want to be a candidate for getting promo code for LHR 2...

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