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Author: Kimi Davis / Posted: 24.06.20, 10:28:44

Hi guys, 

So Avoiding The Bad Boy has been completed and I wanted to ask you guys which story would you like me to write next. I have three possible options right now, so please let me know which one you guys want. The story with the most votes will be my next one on here. So without further ado, here are the three options:

1) Bound (a vampire romance story)

2) Love Hurts (an unrequited love story)

3) Spellbound (a fantasy romance story involving witches)

Please let me know which story you guys want next. 

Thank you 


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Priyanka Budime 08.07.2020, 21:48:16


Lovey-dovey 04.07.2020, 20:04:52

Love hurt

Michele Bouldin 04.07.2020, 04:29:08

Love Hurts

Tchuinte Sidonie 01.07.2020, 00:52:09

Love hurts

Beryl Chemtai 29.06.2020, 00:06:04

I think love hurts

Ashleh Queen 26.06.2020, 17:23:14

Love hurts sounds promising. So, I will go with it.

Pauletta Attaway 26.06.2020, 16:23:40

Love Hurts

Syeda Deeba Fathima 24.06.2020, 11:43:59

Love hurts

Lucile Savino 24.06.2020, 10:34:37

love hurts

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