Needs is for only 1.99. Hurry up before it expires

Author: Ashleh Queen / Posted: 29.06.20, 13:43:00

Hello everyone. 

The Needs has gone on to sales. And, the next chapter has been updated. It will be available for 1.99 USD for a month exactly from now on. After that, it will be available for 2.99 USD. 

I want my readers to take advantage of this price to get permanent access to the Needs for this reduced price. But if you can leave the rewards please do that. It will help me out immensely. 

The next chapter for Needs has been updated too.

For a reminder: If you haven't tried Needs yet. Please do that,...The first 16 chapters for Needs are made available for free as a sample. And, there are chilling, feverish, and breathtaking turns in those sample chapters too. Even if you can't afford to buy you trying the sample can help me out a LOT....

Have a great day,


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writergirl, Thank you so much, love.

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