Updates Delayed and Announcement

Author: Roza Csergo / Posted: 30.06.20, 19:20:08

Hello, dear Booknet users, 


I'm not good at sharing my problems, please know everything is fine. I apologize for not updating Wildflower the past few days. Starting from tomorrow, you can expect frequent posts. 

If you haven't read the story up to part 102, please click on the link below to catch up. 



I have been writing the story without a plan, but it passed the midpoint, so I had to think about how to tie everything together, without leaving any plot holes. Also, I planned out the climax and an ending that will blow your mind away. 


On another note, I'm happy to announce that after I finish with Flower's mishaps I'll become a commercial author on this platform. Don't worry, I will still finish Thunder Tournament and leave these stories for free.


Dear readers, my wish came true because of your support. I love you and I appreciate you. I hope you will continue supporting me and I will make sure to take you on fantastic adventures through my stories. Thank you for everything, especially for your patience. 


God bless & Take care. 


Love you!



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AnnaRCase 30.06.2020, 22:23:33

Congrats! Any ideas what book you will be selling yet?

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Roza Csergo 01.07.2020, 00:51:35

AnnaRCase, Thank you. I haven't decided yet.

LB Harpdog 30.06.2020, 20:22:48

Awesome.. lol its about time woman LMAO... its ok.... you write great stories

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Roza Csergo 30.06.2020, 20:33:27

LB Harpdog, Thanks for your kind words.

Seeker29 30.06.2020, 19:56:53


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Roza Csergo 30.06.2020, 20:32:54

Seeker29, Thank you.

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