Publishing Is Like Getting Naked...

Author: Tara Cox / Posted: 19.07.20, 11:08:48

In Front of the WHOLE World!

I had forgotten this. I had found a lover - a place to publish. I had developed my following there. Found my niche readers. I was used to having my reads, stars, and comments just happen. I had become accustomed to hearing how brilliant I am (I'm NOT!). 

Like with my beloved partner, I had become comfortable showing my naked, fat, scarred body to my readers - and being accepted.

Then, someone suggested I try a 'new lover.' 

And I realized, all over again, just how hard this is. How vulnerable you feel. How insecure this baring of your soul through your writing really is. 

All writers deserve respect and admiration for having the courage to do what most people never will - share a piece of their mind, heart, and soul with the world. 

Thank you all for having me. Hopefully, one day, I won't grab that towel and wrap it around me with you, either. I look forward to getting to know all of you in the coming days, weeks, and months. 

Goddess bless,



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