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Author: Ruphina Raphael / Posted: 09.08.20, 20:36:14

Hello everyone, how are you doing today?

First off I want to thank every person that has read my book ‘My Perfect Place’, because of you guys we have surpassed a thousand reads honestly I am really grateful. And for the writers and readers that clicked on the follow button thank you very much❤️


I will like to let you know that I will start writing ‘The Bels Mansion’ again but the two chapters there will be edited and I will start posting chapters twice a week, TUESDAYS for ‘My Perfect Place’ and FRIDAYS for ‘The Bels Mansion’. 


So having been inspired by *noveltealover* (Please check out her books, I bet you will love them☺️ ) I have decided to make avatars for my OCs but for some reason I couldn't post them here. So I will share a link for my Facebook page where you can see them.

Please check them out and tell me what you think.








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noveltealover 10.08.2020, 05:46:28

Yay, congrats for over 1K+ reads & I'll be contributing to more of those reads in the future!! :DD Ooh nicee so you'll be continuing your other work, The Bels Mansion, and taking it off hold. Plus more updates for My Perfect Place which is awesome! Also, aww tysm for the shoutout ♡ (I did one for you too, but as an author's note in my latest chapter haha). And I'm glad you were inspired to make avatars for your OCs. It's a lot more fun to visualize & find character inspirations for them :) I'll check them out on FB and share my thoughts tmrw! ^_^

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Ruphina Raphael 10.08.2020, 10:10:58

noveltealover, Thank you so much for the shout out ☺️ I really appreciate it. Also I'll will looking for to see what you have to say about the avatars for my OCs. ♥️

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