I have Not forgotten you...

Author: Tara Cox / Posted: 17.08.20, 23:04:27

For those of you waiting for the final chapter of Solid Ground or the next book in my Njordur's series, I want to assure you that I have not forgotten you. 

I am in the middle of a MAJOR overhaul of my website and my next series. So, edits are taking a bit longer. I hope to finish Solid Ground in the next couple of days. 

Then I may take a week or two off to get my sh^t in order before I come back with Njordur's Wife, the final in that trilogy. 

If you miss me too much, visit my webpages. They are linked on my author profile, About Me.


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honeybee 17.09.2020, 00:46:06

Well you still remember us your audience u do remember you our great author.I will be waiting for the final series of njordur's captive
Thank you for writing such an amazing books

Tara Cox 18.08.2020, 09:03:47

Thanks. Hopefully, it won't be long.

Prema N 18.08.2020, 08:44:06

Hoping all is well... good luck on your website. Tc

Gena Elgie 18.08.2020, 00:55:40

Please take care of yourself. Your books are so worth the wait..huggs

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