Giveaway Winners Announcement

Author: Aliza Jabri / Posted: 04.09.20, 03:38:03

   ?? Congratulations ??

The Prize winners for the giveaway are
1. Japnamika Singh
2. Chidiebere Delson.

Guys to get an unbiased result I have used an app and have posted the video on Facebook and Instagram. This decision was not influenced by anything. This app picks up a random name.

Though some participants have not completed all the steps instructed in the giveaway, I still included their names because it was the first time. From the next giveaway, I will strictly choose only the ones wh had followed all the steps.

Those who have not even this time don't get disheartened, you will get more chances.  Just keep reading my books and follow my Instagram and Facebook. Await the next giveaway announcement. You could be the next lucky winner.

I will DM the codes to the winners in a day or two.


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Chidiebere Eneasato 04.09.2020, 09:16:29

Wow! I won. Thank you so much Aliza for giving us all a chance, am most happy for you dedicating your time to writing an amazing book.

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