One night with Ex husband-Promo code

Author: Anjaani / Posted: 05.09.20, 10:03:07

Hola, Bonjour, Salam and Namaste,

As promised earlier, I am back to offer promo codes to my loyal reader who, unfortunately couldn't subscribe to my book. Let's get started.

You know the drill, follow my account on booknet and other social media platform (Facebook and Instagram), share about my story on your social media and tag me as @Anjaaniss. After a week the 5 lucky winners will be announced. 

Also the sequel to "let me Hate you", title as "I hate you too" has been published. Do check it out and yes, it will be a free book. 

P.s: Do let me know if you are facing any issue or unable to tag me.


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Jelyn Salvani 14.09.2020, 11:02:10

so nice

Kaarin Lou Almario 06.09.2020, 14:40:30

Comment has been deleted

Kaarin Lou Almario 06.09.2020, 14:30:56


Beejal Gala 05.09.2020, 19:50:21

Great hope inhe the lucky one

Deepal 05.09.2020, 11:34:21


silent eyes 05.09.2020, 10:50:25

Done will wait for your response ❤

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