Bookscription Of 'billionaire's Bed Warmer'

Author: Jathryn Samuel (LostpuppyJS) / Posted: 11.09.20, 17:59:34

Hello dear readers,

Hope everyone is doing good. It's my very first blog post. I have posted a new book titled as 'Billionaire's Bed Warmer'- which is a Billionaire Romance Story. It's a sweet and steamy story that will make you fall in love with the characters. You will laugh, cry and smile with the characters, and I am certain that by the time the book ends, it will leave a deep impression in your hearts.

It's on sale and the price is 2.99$. Give it a chance; if you enjoy it and want to buy it, you can use your credit card, debit card or paypal to reload wallet.

Who can't reload your wallet right now, please don't be disappointed. You will be able to reload it by completing various tasks when it's available. Hopefully, the tasks will be available soon and may be the next week. 

You can find the tasks in the 'wallet' section of your Booknet app. If you follow the instructions clearly and complete the tasks, your wallet will be loaded. And you can enjoy the whole book. I am sharing a link so that you can understand it clearly:

How to reload your wallet by tasks

Buy this book and start reading it... Hope you will be a part of this beautiful journey.

If you stay with the book, other opportunities will come very soon too and they will be frequent. Thank you everyone.


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Marie Star 13.09.2020, 23:46:56

looking forward to the sequel of Tainted Love

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