Author: Farzana Tutul / Posted: 16.09.20, 20:02:23

Hello Lovely readers, 

I have uploaded the billioniare's childhood love. Please vote and comment . I would love to know what you guys are expecting and thank you for showing such tremendous love and support to this book,


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Fahad Nasar 17.09.2020, 08:07:08

Just download the app and liked only you book?

Fahad Nasar 17.09.2020, 08:06:42

Please try to update fast?

Fahad Nasar 17.09.2020, 08:06:26

Love the story❤but the update is always late ....i cant wait for the next update?

Bhawana Garg 17.09.2020, 03:39:45

Story is amazing, but why there is so late update?

Vijaya Lakshmi 16.09.2020, 20:46:22

Lovely story

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