Wonderfool hot story of love

Author: Alice Magician / Posted: 17.09.20, 10:49:23

Welcome to a new story with hot episodes about love, difficult decisions with interesting and unusual fantasy world

“Cursed witch”

from Alice Magician

#werewolves and witches 

#love triangle 

#strong heroine


I am a witch.

He is my slave.

But I myself am a hostage of circumstances ...


If you were born a witch do not dream of a carefree existence. The most important decisions in your life will be made by others, and you must obey and follow orders. Pay your debt to your ancestors, complete the mission, and live on. But what if your mission is a death trap, after which there will be no "further"? And what if they want to take away your favorite werewolf? 
Not only your life is on the scales ... 



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