Chapter 3 is online now! Friendship or...

Author: Anna Kotlyarevska / Posted: 19.09.20, 13:34:08

Hey, babes!

I am pleased to announce that the continuation in the book "Love is poison, Love is paradise" online! :) How will fate bring Hannah and Max together again?

Extract from the new chapter:


"Hey! What was that?! I do not swim very well actually!" I shouted.

"Stop resenting me, I am with you!" He hugged me at the waist, and I put my hands on his shoulders. How powerful they are... Oh. "You have such delicate skin..." he mumbled with a blurred look.

"Ooh... Thank you," I was confused. "It sounds like you say it to all the girls"

"Today only you," I exhaled noisily. And he continued "What is it?"

"You said you didn't have a girlfriend, but you bought condoms anyway..."

"OMG, are you serious?! Why are you so restless with these... (censorship)?" he's clearly mad at me.

"Why are you so angry?"

"Because I am soaring that you are trying to understand if I am a worthy guy. No, not worthy. Why can't you just give in to the moment, if it's good? Yes, sometimes I sleep with other girls, but not as often as you think. I have such a need, you know?!" He grabbed my hand under the water and... (censorship)

"But I do not want to be your need!" I pulled away my hand, although I did not want to.

"Then what do you want?"

"Being friends... so far..." 


I wish everyone a cool weekend!


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