Hot Crime Story

Author: Ashleh Queen / Posted: 24.09.20, 15:33:06

Hello Everyone, 

I hope all of you are doing great and would love for you to try this new story. The one that is going to be free too. I hope you have a good time enjoying it.



Hot crime story 

“In the hands of the enemy” 

From Ema Noel

Hate… or love…

I want him, but I have to kill him

Genre: romantic erotica, romantic suspense


For free. 

I became an accidental witness to the murder of my family. There were four of them. Four men who shot my close relatives. I also died that day and was reborn again. Now the meaning of my life is revenge. I have to kill them, and it doesn't matter at what cost.

I will pretend, lie, play the game they offer, play cat, and mouse to seize the right moment and strike a decisive blow.

That's just which of us will really be a predator, when with one of them I find myself alone? He is my cat, and I am his obedient mouse. But will I be able to replay and swap roles with him? When will the game stop being a game? And does a mouse have the right to fall in love with a cat?

Hate… or Love…?


The last thing I remember was the cold gaze of a stranger who pointed a gun at Max. The cold, indifferent look of the beast. And at the same time, there was rage and hatred in his eyes. There was also contempt. The contrast of ice and flames. The contrast of pain and endurance. It is not a human being. It is evil in the flesh. I was gripped by the feeling that I was instantly submerged into the depths and deprived of breath. I felt like I`ve been knocked all the air out of me, and something compressed my lungs. I was gripped by fear, despair, and misunderstanding of what was happening.



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Would love to Read Completely ?❤

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Wow another amazing story ???

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Foretelling it to be a very entertaining story

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Thank you

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This book is sooo cooool! Love it❤️❤️❤️

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It's a great honor for me. Thank you.

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Iam Waiting

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Good..i just love your story.... eagerly waiting.

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