Give away for "One night with Ex-husband".

Author: Anjaani / Posted: 02.10.20, 15:19:01

Get a chance to read your favorite book "One night with ex-husband" free on booknet.

You know the drill"

1. Share this post on your social media( Instagram or Facebook).

2. Follow me on booknet and Instagram(Sillyshayari)

3. Follow my page(Sillyshayari) or search as @Anjaaniss on Facebook.

4. Tag me on the shared post(If you don't, I won't be able to know about your participation).

This will be conducted for 24 hours and by tomorrow same time 2 lucky winners will be announced.

All the best

Peace and Love.


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A Pamela Carlisle-Calix 03.10.2020, 01:16:40

I don’t have all those platforms guess I will just have to pay for it

Kaarin Lou Almario 02.10.2020, 22:33:51


Resmi Mukherjee 02.10.2020, 20:35:01

Thanks Anjaani..i really want to read the is just awesome

bably kumari 02.10.2020, 17:53:54

Hey this is me bably... I have fanclub in insta that ie parth_niti_admirer....i don't have facebook account so i can't follow you there... But i have a Insta account and already posted it...i will be grateful for u if you choose me.... Thank you

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