Sebastian's Captive Chap 29 Updated!

Author: Kashmira Kamat (KittyKash) / Posted: 18.10.20, 00:53:14

Hey guys, 

I updated a few hours earlier today!


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Natalie Gr 19.10.2020, 09:50:08

Now that i know Sebastian has Aspergers i understand why his feelings... his love is so over the top... boderline obsessive. And with Briella... i totally understand why she doesn't want to settle for this life just yet... and live the white picket fence dream. Farm life is boring Does she have Stockholm syndrome? Or is she really in love... and not wanting to admit to it to herself... cause deep down... she knows the situation is a little sick... being held against her will. Also... what's with Sebastian and dolls? He bathes and dresses Briella... brushes and puts clips in her hair... He takes care of her too much... i don't get (predatory) vibes from him... he's not in that way inclined.... but he has this need to protect and take care of her that maybe its psychological... (trauma) maybe he lost someone he cared for in the past... idk. I The way he treated the the couple sitting on the table he booked... what a douchebag.? i know he has Aspergers... but that was over top and petty... I have a feeling Sebastians meltdown will have consequences... He and Briella will be found.

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Kashmira Kamat (KittyKash) 19.10.2020, 18:29:52

Natalie Gr, Haha yeah you're right. He's not exactly predatory, just has some abandonment issues and yes, he's kinda douchy. Thanks so much for the detailed comment :) I absolutely love reading these.

Natalie Gr 19.10.2020, 09:52:19

So he spent "some years" in the asylum.... i thought maybe he was locked up in there for the major part of his life... since he's soo out touch with the real world... So nice he remembered her bday! All the effort he put into making her day special... it was soo sweet! Glad he didn't propose to her though. Buttttt now she could be pregnant! Omgggg! Cliffhanger! Alway looking forward to new chapters.❤

Livi Chishi 18.10.2020, 08:56:20

Enjoying your book

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Kashmira Kamat (KittyKash) 18.10.2020, 10:57:13

Livi Chishi, thanks! :)

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