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Author: Nina Daniel / Posted: 08.11.20, 09:53:17

Hello, Everyone! 

I have updated Claimed By The Mafia just now and hoping you guys will like it. 

Plus, I also wanted to tell you guys that, this book might be going into bookcription soon, So anyone who would want to buy it can reload their wallets, I'll be loving you more for supporting me.


Second Thing is,

I'm editing Book 1 'Chosen By The Mafia' as it was my first time writing, so, I guess I have used too complicated words which I must say makes the book boring and I admit it, guys.

I'll be making it simple for people, 

love you, guys! 

Thank you for reading my book!



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Suman Lata 22.11.2020, 17:07:34

Plz don't make it like subscription Nd all plzz ....this will broke my heart

jyoti maurya 15.11.2020, 17:45:10

But I m broke ? please don't do subscription thing on this book please...??

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Nina Daniel 16.11.2020, 09:00:17

jyoti maurya, https://booknet.com/en/blogs/offerwalls

here's the link, you can perform tasks and get chances to win money.

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