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Author: Anjaani / Posted: 21.11.20, 21:05:20

Hola peoplies,

Your favorite writers have come together to conduct a Giveaway for their books on 22nd November 2020. The draw will last for 24hrs starting from now and the winners will be notified after the draw. To win the promo code, you will have to follow these steps. It should be noted that your entry won't be accepted if you don't follow all the steps.

1. Follow this author on Booknet, Instagram, and their FB page.

2. Post a picture of the book you want to win and tag three friends in the post along with the Author.

3. Follow Booknet Official, Booknet Promos on Instagram and Facebook.

4. Leave a review on the author's Facebook page, if you skip this step your entry won't be accepted.



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Sheeba Pratheesh 22.11.2020, 10:41:34

Great !

Resmi Mukherjee 22.11.2020, 08:30:50


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Virginie Mantoni 22.11.2020, 07:02:41

Ok. Count me in.

Mehak Zaroo 22.11.2020, 04:04:31


Aliza Jabri guru 21.11.2020, 21:09:24

Wish you all the success in this world.

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Anjaani 21.11.2020, 21:15:08

Aliza Jabri, Wish you the same hon.

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