Sweet Corner(mafia Love Story 1)updates!

Author: Madam Savage love / Posted: 22.11.20, 08:44:44

HEYO!Savage readers!Right on this day, SWEET CORNER,chapter 13 would be updated!I will not set the exact time of its release but only one thing I can assured you!Not tomorrow nor the next day but TODAY/TONIGHT!Chapter 13 release schedule!You want some spoil?If yes, leave comments here and do follow me on in this account for you to get in touch for the following updates!And pls. don't forget to like SWEET CORNER if you are still on your way of reading chapters!Your support is much appreciated!Thanks and love'yah all!


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Prajita Datta 22.11.2020, 11:31:05

Woohoooo... waiting for itttttttt XD

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Madam Savage love 22.11.2020, 14:12:27

Prajita Datta, HI!Thanks for your precious moment of waiting!Chapter 13 has been already updated!I hope you enjoy and stay tune for the next chapter!Godbless and love'yah!

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