New Story! [humor/fantasy/romance] 18+ Only

Author: StellaKMary / Posted: 24.11.20, 20:13:33

Hello everyone, 

I just published a new story titled "The Elf King & I". It is a first installation of "The Elf Romance Series" (Book #1). The genres are humor and fantasy romance that includes what is known as a kiss-and-slap romantic comedy :). However, I have to warn that this story contains explicit 18+ scenes (slightly erotica) and some graphic violence. Please read at your own discretion. 

I hope you can check it out.  

Stay safe and take care. :D 


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Olivia Gordon Reid 24.11.2020, 20:25:30

So cool! I'm so proud of how you're putting your books out there. I can't read it yet, but who knows, someday, maybe I will :)

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Olivia Gordon Reid 24.11.2020, 22:42:57

StellaKMary, Thank you so much. I hope you like them.

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