Fantasy lovers, come and celebrate Royal Arcanum!

Author: Keefe RD / Posted: 26.11.20, 21:36:08

What is a dark secret that lies among the royals? Here, follow the supernatural journey of Cathy Charlotte with a white-haired angel who disguised as a human.

If you have read Royal Arcanum on other platforms or online retailers, you already know about the first story in this fantasy series. If you love the paperback version, you can also order the book at the bookstore available in your country.

Here I want to republish Royal Arcanum on Booknet. I want to share the first story I have ever written in 2012 back then. And now, it has been nine years, wuhhhhh. Come and celebrate! Read the book and enjoy.

Just click the link here to read on BookNet --> Royal Arcanum read books online on Booknet

For more info you can follow Facebook Page of Royal Arcanum here --> (1) The Royal Arcanum Series | Facebook

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