Love Hate Relationship 2 (lhr 3 and Bfr) giveaway

Author: Goodness Shadrach / Posted: 17.12.20, 10:59:07

This is a reminder, the giveaway is still ongoing. Don't miss the chance to win a code of one of my paid stories.

Hi guys, it's the Christmas season and I have presents for all of you.
Stand a chance to win a code of one of my paid stories and enjoy your Christmas. 

Participating books:
Love in Relationship (Love Hate Relationship 2)
Lies in Relationship (Love Hate Relationship 3)
Bride for Rent. 

How to participate:

1. Follow me on my Instagram profile @goodnessshadrach (winners will be checked before choosing).

2. Follow my facebook page @authorgoodnessshadrach (winners would be checked before choosing).

3. Write a little note why you want to win a book along with the book's name. If you want to participate for more than one books, you will have to make a new comment for each book, following the same process.

4. If you are participating here, please include your Instagram name in your comments. Codes would be shared there :)

Note: You can participate either here, facebook and on Instagram. 

This will last till the 20th of December.  Winners would be announced on 21.

I wish you all a Merry Christmas. 
'Tis the season to be jolly :)


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Laxmi Gudi 14.01.2021, 00:21:35

I like this book verymuch want toread 2nd part how to get is it free i cant purchase

Ayomide Malomo 27.12.2020, 11:56:53

Pls give me d book 2 like the book pls am addicted to it

Shambhavi Singh 26.12.2020, 12:07:08

It was amazing

Ursella Amissah 23.12.2020, 15:20:51

Hey, Nice book. Please I want the promo code pleaseeee

Mercy George 20.12.2020, 14:43:55

Hi Goodness, I have read lhr 1&2, I am madly in love with the book but yet to read the book three because I can't buy presently due to financial challenges of which I do take life drugs, making me not financially buoyant to buy the book three already, here is my Instagram name @doz_princessa. God bless

Ochi Toyin 19.12.2020, 13:08:17

Hi please am addicted to ur lhr2&3 since dat i hv not read the next part i don't get myself i so much love your book an spelling u are a great writer i am so much interested in all your book just pls let me be among the lucky winner cos i can't do without d book pls

sarah koetoe 19.12.2020, 03:58:55

I dont have money in my account as I am from Suriname

sarah koetoe 19.12.2020, 03:57:27

I love your book
I am not on instagram
I would appriciate if i could read this book

RK WordSmith 18.12.2020, 23:15:01

Hi Goodness please can you teach me how to start a blog on here? I am having hard time getting it

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Goodness Shadrach 19.12.2020, 01:12:53

RK WordSmith, Sure, you can chat me up on instagram @goodnessshadrach :)

RK WordSmith 18.12.2020, 13:55:54

Hi, please how can I start my blog on here? Help.

Elizabeth Teniola 18.12.2020, 13:42:58

I love your books because of the way it tells the story like it's real,I got so absorbed in love in relationship that after I found out 2 and 3 weren't free I was heartbroken because I couldn't afford it.
I'll love to read love in relationship 3 and I'll be honored if it can be given to me.
Thank you. Instagram handle is _lizzypee.

Emilia Chimex 18.12.2020, 13:01:26

I love your books, looks real like real life stories. Have read all your books except the ones not for free,cause I don't know how to purchase them and also not having any money in my account. If given the opportunity I will like to read love in relationship 2(LHR 2). But you are an amazing writer. Your books always captivate me. Thanks

Nyajohn 17.12.2020, 17:33:31

Thank you for this opportunity, it is my pleasure to read your books, Love in Relationship is the great story i ever read in booknet, I have read 1 and 2 but i can't proceed with 3 coz its not free. Im waiting for it, to read it for free.
THANK YOU & more story to write. Waiting for more books from you dear.
LIES in Relationship. My instagram name is @mabadilikowadada

Pesh Gitonga 17.12.2020, 12:57:04

I just love reading your work am done with lies in relationship for the second time and am now on bride for rent second time and can't get enough of them

Mahaa 17.12.2020, 12:14:51

My Instagram name is user name got lost.

Mahaa 17.12.2020, 11:14:24

Waiting for every opportunity to read ' Lies in relationship'. It was a long and emotional journey with Sasha and Michael. I have always admired your writing skills. I have participated even before and got lucky too. It will be a pleasure to win a promo code for its book 3. It's saddening when you get a notification of its update but still not be able to read it.

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