Chapter 8, "My Possessive Duchess" available

Author: Melanie Fraser / Posted: 12.01.21, 23:56:03

If you are a lover of eroticism and feminine strength, this story is for you.

I leave you the synopsis. I hope they support me. They have the presentation available

Amelia is the future wife of Prince Harry Wiessen III and inherits the company from her father. Due to which she travels to Spain where she meets Declan Aragón, a young and handsome secretary who has to work with her, without knowledge of who Amelia really is.
She is immediately attracted to him, and won’t rest until she makes him hers even though he is engaged. She is surprised that he is also a virgin, but Amelia doesn’t see that as an obstacle to introduce him to the world of eroticism and BDSM games.
Will the secretary fall for the Duchess games? Will being the Prince's fiancée stop her?
Love by destiny, or love by obligation?
"I disturbed his innocence, now he wants my experience."


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