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Author: Nina Daniel / Posted: 15.01.21, 13:46:57

Okay, my readers,

I posted a 'blog' regarding giveaway conducting on booknet but unfortunately I wasn't aware that it is prohibited to run raffles on this platform, 

So I have to shift it on social media, 

Since I'm on Instagram as @theauthornina. I'll be conducting it over there. 

Hurry up, turn yourself to Instagram. I'm waiting. :)


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NANCY NAGAR 16.01.2021, 12:16:23

at the end of every chapter i am always wondering what's next, and with every update i feel it is worth waiting...
you are doing great dear god bless you...

gemma wendell 16.01.2021, 02:52:09

There is suspense and excitement in every chapter... its hard to tell whats gonna happen next.. theres mystery, they all played well... who is it gonna be?

Hope i could finish to read it to find out.

Jheck Domingo 15.01.2021, 19:09:00

What about the others like me who doesn't have an Instagram?! ? How can we join? Thanks in advance ?

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Nina Daniel 15.01.2021, 19:14:45

Jheck Domingo, you can comment here and tell me which part excites you the most to read it.

Norhanny Pineda Pagalad-Alib 15.01.2021, 15:17:59


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