Houston in September - Chapter 27, 28, 29 Up

Author: SESaunders / Posted: 16.01.21, 21:06:54

Houston in September - Updates - Wooohoooo

So this update was interesting to write, I'm writing about some historical stuff that I want to pay homage to, but not bore the hell out my reader. As a person who enjoys history at a distance, i.e., me standing outside a castle going 'Wow'. I tried to do justice to my MC's response in a similar way. 

I hope it comes out in a linear fashion and you're all able to get my meaning. This is still a pretty rough draft. I am pushing forward though for the end of the contest, although I doubt highly it will be done in a way I'm satisfied with in the end. 

I listen to a lot of podcasts, Alexa Donne is one of my favourites to listen to, and I cringed as I was listening last night to "7 Huge Mistakes New Writers Make" cause I was pretty doggone certain this piece of writing I was doing here could be used as a prime example of ALL of them!!! *laughs* 

7 Huge Mistakes Writers Make  

Ah well. I will keep writing and keep sharing.

I hope you enjoy. Oh, and p.s. Richard III, if you haven't read anything about that branch of English History, please have a wander over to King Richard III - Visitor Centre, Leicester, UK 

I had the pleasure of visiting there in October of 2019. 




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