Will review your books!!

Author: Nyssa Quadros / Posted: 23.01.21, 12:31:03

Hello beautiful people!

Although it's been an incredibly short time since I was introduced to Booknet one thing I noticed almost instantly is the glaring lack of reviews and reviewers!!

I'm a bit sick of seeing the same books being promoted whilst a few undiscovered gems remain buried under...and quite frankly I'm a bit lost as to where exactly to find them and which of them would actually appreciate feedback

So here I am extending an olive branch to all the budding authors...

Just leave a comment below if you want your book reviewed !!

I should have you warned that a review involves constructive criticism and if you don't want that, kindly refrain from commenting.

I cannot promise that I will complete reading your book BUT if you do manage to hook me in, there is little that can keep me from it. 

Either way, I will review your book for whatever I do read (I don't judge before a chapter or two, so rest assured)

Much love,

Nyssa ❤️️


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June Estee 02.02.2021, 13:54:52

Thanks so much. That's very progressive. Please review ''Fighting the billionaire'' and ''His midnight sun'' by me June Estee.

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June Estee 22.02.2021, 10:51:45

Nyssa Quadros, Thank you so much!! It's really encouraging to hear this

Hasna Hena 01.02.2021, 19:32:29

It would be great if you review any of my two books...

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Nyssa Quadros 09.02.2021, 16:24:12

Hena, Late but finally made it ..Cheers !!

MarilynF 01.02.2021, 13:09:59

Hi Nyssa. I imagine you must be full these days with the reviews ... but I will abuse your trust a bit ;) and I will leave a new link here: https://booknet.com/en/book/my-lovely-new-project-b263084 . Thank you very much and enjoy it.

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Nyssa Quadros 06.02.2021, 07:26:28

Hi MarilynF,

Done! :)

June Estee 02.02.2021, 13:57:03

I'm sorry to say but the authorship world of today is more a digital than a paper back one and sometimes, good books don't hlget appreciated anymore, you kind of want to just write what everyone seems to be reading

Whitney Bridge 26.01.2021, 15:13:28

I will appreciate it if you did just that for me. I'm a new author, so please, review my book. It's not finished yet, but I update frequently. The title of my book is 'Written In the Stars'.

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Nyssa Quadros 27.01.2021, 20:45:23

Hey Whitney, the pleasure is mine!

Have a great day :)

AR Mridu 25.01.2021, 19:51:13

Hi there! I would love it if you could review my book Black crown!

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Nyssa Quadros 26.01.2021, 22:26:23

Hey love,

Done ❤

D L Croisette 24.01.2021, 22:41:57

Hi there Nyssa. Nice to meet you. I'll take you up on that offer. If you'd like to put my story Ruby Red in the long list of requests that would be great. And please don't hold back on the constructive criticism - I'm looking to improve. Thanks for considering my work.

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Nyssa Quadros 26.01.2021, 22:05:21

D L Croisette, Done.

Much love ! ❤

MarilynF 26.01.2021, 15:49:29

I am currently proofreading my book for the BookNet contest: My Lovely New Project. I also have my first book on BookNet called Bar Mon'tblank in corrections ... but as soon as I upload that link again, I will be contacting you. Happy day.

Наталия Арчер 23.01.2021, 12:43:32

Absolutely support your idea! :)
I wish we could review each other more than once))
People here are very silent. On my Russian book here I have 878 comments (and it is far-far from a top book)), on Booknet even popular books have not too much of comment from the readers, unfortunately.
I hope we will change it. :) It’s a good start.
Good luck!

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MarilynF 26.01.2021, 15:46:49

Наталия Арчер, Strongly agree with you.
Although I cannot complain because I recently received a review from someone who really felt committed to my book. I loved! Reviews help us grow as authors.

Dariel Claire 24.01.2021, 16:18:04

I really need some constructive criticism to develop my writing skills. I'll really be glad if you could review this book of mine. And thank you for your time!


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Dariel Claire 26.01.2021, 12:38:16

Nyssa Quadros, Haha no worries on intrusion, it's just a username I came up with :)

Olivia Gordon Reid 24.01.2021, 00:06:56

Hello, I'm Olivia! This is so nice of you to do! I'd love to have any of my books reviewed! Thank you again for this!

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Nyssa Quadros 25.01.2021, 15:55:36

Hey Olivia, just shared my thoughts on your ongoing book Fragmented. The pleasure is all mine!

Hope you have a great day!

SESaunders 23.01.2021, 23:54:50

We have a thread going in a Facebook group called The Writers Club for authors of Booknet. Which offers reviews. https://www.facebook.com/groups/396743394528752

They've just recently assigned books to the participants, so you might still be able to get on board.

I would love a review. I should warn you however, I am still editing some of the material. I'm preparing to mark the book as complete before January 31, 2021 to meet the terms and conditions of the contest I'm competing in.

My work can be found at the link below. Please feel free to critique with no filter. The issues I have recognized in my own work thus far are head hopping, showing more than telling, and a plethora of other newbie writer's mistakes, which I am actively working to correct in rewrites.

Additionally, I would be very much interested to know whether you found the story compelling enough to continue, and if not, why not.

The heat level on the book is veering toward a clean romance, but because there are suggestive passages, I cannot claim it as such.

Looking forward to hearing from you!


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Nyssa Quadros 25.01.2021, 13:27:12

SESaunders, Hey love, just posted my review!

Please keep in mind that my reviews are from the perspective of neither seasoned writer nor reviewer (far from it actually) but those of a (I like to think) avid reader. Much love!

P.S: I will be continuing reading.. once I'm done with work, meeting the deadline AND reviewing a few more books! :P But I'll be back eventually

Angelic Emman 23.01.2021, 17:17:11

Hello! As I'm also new to booknet and writing. My book just got accepted in the contest and A review from you would be a great help^^.

Looking forward for your guidance. Thanks❤

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Angelic Emman 25.01.2021, 13:03:13

Nyssa Quadros, Same here tho... Deadline is giving me anxiety

Masuyo 23.01.2021, 23:15:43

Hey there.. I would love to have a review from you.. There are rarely a few people on booknet who actually comments and tell the authors if they likes it or not or if there's something that they are confused about etc.. There are mostly 'the silent readers' here so yeah.. i would really appreciate it..
Stay safe and have a nice day..

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Masuyo 24.01.2021, 13:06:54

Nyssa Quadros, Thanks alot^^

Riya Sarkar 23.01.2021, 16:33:57

Hello, I would really love to have a review from you, I don't really get comments on my book but maybe a review from you might help others to come forward and improve my writing journey by giving comments.

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Nyssa Quadros 23.01.2021, 18:12:19

Hey Riya Sarkar, I only gave my review on 'Don't Belong' since it was the one that was the one updated most recently... Will get to your other books if you like once I am done with the other requests. Just let me know...

Roza Csergo 23.01.2021, 15:26:06

Hi, this is a very kind offer.
Every author who's serious about improving their storytelling craft needs constructive criticism.
May I suggest you check out the Booknet Authors' unofficial Facebook page and join the Writer's Club?
We share a lot of "writerly" stuff.

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Nyssa Quadros 23.01.2021, 16:11:37

Hey Roza Csergo, great to hear from you.

Could you please direct me to it (a name or link will do)? I'd love to check it out but can't seem to find it.

Thanks !!

Thatdesigaaal 23.01.2021, 13:48:41

That's a great idea. I'm also new here. My dark romance book is shackles around me. I would like to hear from you

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Nyssa Quadros 23.01.2021, 16:13:11

Thatdesigaaal, Consider it done. Cheers! ❤

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