Houston in September - One chapter away from done!

Author: SESaunders / Posted: 24.01.21, 00:24:36

Houston in September

As I've written in a few of my other posts, I had finished the bare bones of the outline/story quite some time ago, but in the writing of the first draft I was stuck with a - what I hope comes off as a sneaky delivery of the storyline. 

I'm part of another writer's community and I posed the question. If I put the inciting incident, and the red herring on the same page and I kind of fed them both, and then all of a sudden wrapped it up, would you feel like you were gypped? 

Some said maybe. I very much enjoyed writing this story, and though it's ugly in many places it's the first full-length novel I've written. I typically write science fiction so to find a romance flying off my fingers, I kind of went um, really? 

Anyhow, I hope it's an enjoyable read. I'm tying up the edits and looking for instances where I've head hopped (good lord there's a few), trying to clean up showy/telly types of passages (also lots of those) and still trying to flesh out the final chapter six days before the blinking contest is to close. 

I didn't even procrastinate!! I found out about the contest, had already had something kind of in my brain for November's rendition of NaNoWriMo and this glorious mess that you'll read, or maybe glance at is the result of that initial idea. 

Good grief, I'm looking up at what I've just written and I'm going "Um hello, why can't you write that fast, or that fluently when you're actually writing. Dumb brain. Ugh." 


I hope you enjoy it. 



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Наталия Арчер 24.01.2021, 00:50:39

Congratulations! Great news!
I've read 5 chapters and will tell you my thoughts tonight on the FB first. :-)

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SESaunders 24.01.2021, 01:05:11

Наталия Арчер, Thank you! I've just finished revising the first chapter - again. I felt like the telling of it bogged down the lead in to the story, and maybe scared readers off that it would be a snooze fest to read :D Heh.

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