Ruby Red Updated - 5 more chapters posted

Author: D L Croisette / Posted: 24.01.21, 23:02:09

Well after last weeks cliffhanger I had to give you a good dose of Ali and Sam drama.  And introduce you to a new character.  We've heard their name mentioned but now we get to meet them.  Any guesses?

If you're not already reading Ruby Red, click on my account because right now is a good time to catch up. 

Ruby Red is a sweet and sexy romance romp that follows Ali Stinson, the girl who seems to have everything, on her journey from riches to rags to love. It’s a light-hearted love story that will have you gasping, grinning and glad you read it.

Comments from other readers:

“I loved this book! It had my heart beating so much. You really fall in love with the characters I couldn't stop reading! Definitely a book I would recommend ️”

“I just want to let you know I finished Ruby Red, and it has been a long time since I was this hooked on a story.“

“Wow my iPhone is on fire! ? Seriously you have got to get this book published!  I love your work ?”






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