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We are starting off this years' Author Spotlight by interviewing Booknet Author dallaswander

AUTHOR: dallaswander


Thank you for joining us again for another interview. This month the SPOTLIGHT shines its light on Booknet author, dallaswander.


Hello Dallas. How did you come across Booknet?

As an online writer, I tend to look for new writing platforms that I can trust with my works. I came across Playstore and saw Booknet. I also saw it being advertised on many sites, so I researched about it and found it great to publish my books.

Can you tell us your favorite genre to write and is this also your favorite genre to read?

Oh, way back in the days when I'm just starting (Grade school) I love writing Horror fiction. Then I learned how to write Romance and Teen Fiction and focused with them. Absolutely! That's my favourite genre to read (especially when they're about LGBTQ)

Who are your writing influences?

My Grade school's teachers. Since I'm part of our school newspapers, they taught me how to write from scratch to meaningful articles. That's when they found out that I have the potential in writing more than articles.

How many stories do you have that are completed and how many are just beginning?

I have three (3) completed novels and two (2) ongoing. Oh, gonna include my 5+ drafts haha. (My friend said, “You have many books!” and I answered, “You mean, many drafts?”)

Where do you see yourself as a writer in five years' time?

Hmm. In bookstore shops, doing book signing for my left behind drafts at this moment haha.

It's not a sin to dream, right? Well, I can see myself sitting in a chair while talking to a movie director.

But seriously, I see myself as a writer who makes the books as a way to help the people (on the sidewalk, no read, no write). I've done that, reading books for the street people to see smiles from them.

Do you have a specific place where you sit to write?

Oh yes! There's a place in our house hidden from the public. Since I prefer writing in a quiet place, I made it my writing haven. I can write better when I'm hidden from the world, haha.

Do you have a ritual that goes with this, such as a nice cup of coffee?

You may not ask but I love coffee. I'm motivated to write whenever I smell the nice aroma of coffee. And I also like jotting down my ideas on cream-colored paper.

Out of all of your stories, which character you have created, is your most favorite?

Belinda. She's my character from Cry of Soul. She has this odd character since she's a vengeful woman but I like her backstory, her bravery, and the way she reflected on her action.

How long does it take you to write one chapter and how many words do you usually make each chapter?

It takes an hour or an hour and a half if ideas are surging nonstop in my mind. It takes hours before I can complete one chapter if my ideas are still in outer space lol. 1700 to 2000 words.

What had been the most exciting and rewarding experience of posting your books online?

When my books get recognized. When someone appreciates my writing. When readers learned something from my books. When views get higher and comments are okay that for sure will inspire me to write other chapters or books (tho most of the time I didn't depend my daily routine to write on them) And, when someone spends coins in my books hehe.

Can you tell us what books are in your library on booknet?

Oh, my friends' books like The Reckless Marriage by Ralf Royale, Tied to You by Chibi Cazielle, Rugged Riches by Sweet La Pound.

Do you have any tips for new writers?

I know this is really so used tips for new writers but this is effective: Write and read, write and read, write and read. Learn new things from the other writers, learn things from your surroundings. Don't hesitate to research since it will widen your vocabulary and knowledge of everything. And oh, be responsible and mindful of your words and what you are writing coz you may not know what their effect on your readers.

Don't lose hope if your book doesn't have many reads/sell, votes, or what. Don't be afraid of rejection. Coz hun, the successful authors came in that situation too, and look where they are now. It's a matter of time. We have our own time to shine and be successful, never give up and keep learning and writing.

What has been the most difficult part of writing and keeping motivated?

Hmm. The difficult part of writing for me is when I'm lost of words to write. When I'm stuck and cannot move to the next part. When I'm lazy to write coz I want to watch. I usually do household chores to regain my will to write haha. Or when I'm in the bathroom (lol) I try to imagine scenes that will suit for my unfinished chapter.

Do you think you may challenge yourself and write in a genre that is new to you at some point?

Hmm yes. If I'm gonna write a book in a genre that is not my cup of tea, it'll really challenge me. Like am gonna do research for that genre, what rules (if there are rules)

When did you first consider yourself a writer?

When I first receive a comment and appreciation of my write-ups (short stories) from someone. I asked myself, “Woah, my stories have really an impact on the reader?”

Thank you so much, Dallas, for taking this time to answer our questions. We enjoyed getting to know you a little better, and I know your readers will too. 


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Plume Alter 25.01.2021, 05:18:26

Hi. This was the first I actually read an author's interview and it was a wonderful and meaningful experience. Thank you for the advice, Miss Author. It kinda hit me hard and I got a little emotional because right now, I consider myself as new to this stuff. I've been with Booknet since 2019 and I currently still have 13 regular readers. Your advices motivated me to carry on. Thank you so much. I'll definitely check your works.❤️

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Osaro Oghadeva 27.01.2021, 10:36:53

Plume Alter, You're most welcome, dear. And I failed to add earlier, “Believe and trust in God always. In His time, everything falls into place in our lives!”

If you are ever in doubt in Writing and need answers, I could be of help to you. Simply send me a private message on Instagram (my username is @osarooghadeva) and I'll help in the best way I can.
Lots of love and God bless you!❤❤❤

HypGothic 27.01.2021, 07:03:27

Thanks so much Dallas for agreeing to be interviewed for Author Spotlight and sharing your knowledge and writing journey with us x

Osaro Oghadeva 26.01.2021, 23:33:29

Such an amazing interview! As I read, I kept laughing (in my mind mostly, lol). Thank you Dallas for the writing tips and for being a relatable writer!

Chibi Cazielle 26.01.2021, 10:59:33

I love supporting this author :) More books to come Dallas

Roza Csergo 25.01.2021, 18:40:33

Hi Dallas. Nice getting to know you.
Great interview.

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