❤️announcement! "In the hands of the enemy 2"❤

Author: Ema Noel / Posted: 26.01.21, 16:54:43

My lovely readers.

We`ll start today in the evening with the second volume of the crime story

In the hands of the enemy 2

Hate… or love…

Genre: erotica, suspense, contemporary romance, crime novel, thriller

# love vs hate

# possession

# mafia


I became an accidental witness to the murder of my family. Four men ruthlessly murdered everyone I loved. That day changed everything. Revenge became the meaning of my life. But my plan failed when I fell in love with one of the killers.

We both became puppets in a power struggle. We love and hate, we reassemble our own mutilated souls from the shards. Our painful love has become our curse.

I live between hate and love, living on the edge where each next day could be the last... for the two of us.


To read the first book press HERE




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