Cruel trap or love

Author: Souheir Benadis / Posted: 03.03.21, 01:53:55

Hello readers 


I understand from your comments that you found the end confusing, so let me explain:

The part end when Madison say I am free

After that it was a glimpse of what I want to write in the part 2, but instead of making you excited, you are confused 

Why i didn't put Madison and Eric together: 

Madison is already broken, she need to put herself together and that need time.

Will I give them a chance together : maybe ;)


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Beautiful princess 15.04.2021, 05:16:46

Author when u'll upload book 2?? Cant wait!

Rachael Macharia 03.03.2021, 05:32:40

I hope it's freee

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Toma Lika 30.03.2021, 08:34:33

Souheir Benadis, love are the best.

Tilda Morte 04.03.2021, 20:44:53

Hi when will you be starting book 2?

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Souheir Benadis 04.03.2021, 23:21:39

Tilda Morte, not yet dear, it still need time because I didn't think that the part 1 will be successful so i was kinda of lazy when I start writing part 2

Sarah Christy 03.03.2021, 04:29:52

Wow so excited for part 2

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Souheir Benadis 03.03.2021, 21:13:22

Sarah Christy, :))

Red Delin 03.03.2021, 04:53:14

Oh, this is much better. I can't wait for book 2.

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Souheir Benadis 03.03.2021, 21:13:08

Red Delin, i will update as soon as I can

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