Husband's Name: Mr. Fire Dragon 08 Updated!

Author: Maliha Khanam / Posted: 08.04.21, 09:19:30




This preview contains SPOILER. So REGULAR READERS, better read the chapter than preview. 



Ryuji looks at her with annoyed eyes and says,

- Are you even listening to me? 
- I... I am listening! 
- Doesn’t look like so... It looks like you are having some impolite thoughts about me.

Misa's eyes get bigger in surprise. She screams,

- IMPOLITE! What are you talking about! I am listening!

Ryuji pouts and looks another way. He says pouting,

- You are just interested in my body...

Ryuji sounds like a soap opera heroine Misa thinks.


Dear new readers, if you find the story interesting, do check it. You won't dislike it! ❤  


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