Russian Roulette - Family secrets 100.000 reads

Author: Alix Davenport / Posted: 07.05.21, 21:43:55

Hi y'all.

100.000 reads!! Thank you so much for the reads and likes. I really appreciate it.

If you've not checked out my Russian Roulette - Family secrets, then give it a try. If you're into a steamy romance with a good dash of mystery and suspense spiced with some BDSM, well, I've got you covered.


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Nydia Pierangelo
08.05.2021, 17:10:07

Uggghhh! Alix......I miss them all and can't wait for the next book....hopefully about Cracker ? I am currently reading your other stories. Thank you again.

Alix Davenport
13.05.2021, 01:47:15

Nydia Pierangelo, Oh! That's so cool, thank you for reading. Not another Alpha! is a fun one. More sassy and cliché. Taming the Hellbeast is maybe the fantasy version of RR.

09.05.2021, 20:41:48

Hoping for another book of this couple too from twins birth and on. Praying, miracles do happen by faith!!!

10.05.2021, 03:17:50

Alix Davenport, Thank you.

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