Update, Chapter 35 of Try Harder

Author: Hiraya Cross / Posted: 11.06.21, 16:59:20

Hi, here's an update for TRY HARDER.

You'll be seeing unfamiliar names. They originated from my first series which I'll be rewriting soon. 

Lee is sister to Alexander West. 

Alexander West is the husband of Alexis Reed.

Alexis Reed is Alena's sister.

Also, Lee is married to Oliver Taylor, Christan's brother. 

Oliver and Christan has a sister named Cara. 

Cara's husband is Mike, who used to work with Lee. 

They have another colleague named Gabe, who's an uncle of Lee. 

Lee and Oliver has two kids, Dylan and Andrea.

Dylan is around seven or eight years old in this setting. Andrea is one or two, a toddler. 

Their relationships here are kinda entangled. I'll try not to confuse you all. 

So, trouble came. What happened to Alena? Where is she? How is she? 

Who's behind it all? How are they going to find her? Would they be able to rescue her?

We'll find out soon. Next update will be next weekend. Maybe June 18 or 19.

Thanks and enjoy reading. :)


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